Violent Crime Dropped One Percent in St. Louis in '09; Nationwide Dropped 5.5 Percent


The FBI yesterday released its uniform crime report for 2009. The data shows that violent crime nationwide dropped by 5.5 percent and property crimes declined by 4.9 percent compared to 2008 figures.

The results weren't nearly as good here in St. Louis, although crime in both categories did drop in 2009.

Violent crime in St. Louis declined less than one percent from 7,383 incidents in 2008 to 7,353 incidents last year. Violent crime includes homicides (which numbered 143 last year, or 14 percent less than in '08), forcible rape (up 5 percent in 2009), robbery (up 3 percent) and aggravated assault (down 3 percent).

The total number of property crimes reported to St. Louis police in 2009 dropped by less than three percent -- from 30,443 in '08 to 29,595 in '09. Those crimes include burglary (down 6 percent), larceny (up 3 percent), vehicle theft (down 15 percent) and arson down (down 21 percent).

(See chart of St. Louis crimes here.)