St. Louis Blogger Adam Shriver Gets National Nod for Online Battles vs. Dana Loesch


Da'  blogger: Adam Shriver
  • Da' blogger: Adam Shriver
One of the Riverfront Times' favorite local bloggers, Adam Shriver of St. Louis Activist Hub recently received props from national political blog Media Matters for America.

The left-of-center site used the contents of one of Shriver's recent posts to pick apart the "journalism" credentials of right-wing bloggers -- especially those of St. Louis-based Dana Loesch.

Writes Media Matters: "You really do have to read the Hub's blog post in full to get a sense of what a pathological liar media critic-wannabe Loesch appears to be."

Real patriots never apologize.
  • Real patriots never apologize.
Shriver's post on Sunday called Loesch out on seven misstatements of fact that Loesch has purportedly stated on radio or online.

One of those is Loesch's statement that Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan "never argued a case before the Supreme Court."

Writes Shriver: In fact, Kagan has argued six cases in front of the Supreme Court. Dana Loesch needs to correct her piece and owes an apology to Kagan.