Lobbyist For Illinois Police Chiefs: Medical Marijuana = Meth


Meth and Marijuana: a match made...absolutely nowhere.
  • Meth and Marijuana: a match made...absolutely nowhere.
His name is Limey Nargalenes (no, really that's his name) and he is trying to stop the Illinois General Assembly from passing Senate Bill 1381.

The law would allow primary caregivers for people with "debilitating medical conditions" to prescribe up to two ounces of "dried usable cannabis" and seven plants.

If the bill becomes law (looking unlikely at this point), Illinois would become the fourteenth state to legalize medical marijuana.

Of course, Nargalenes -- and the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police -- doesn't want that to happen. Here's what he told the State-Journal Register in Springfield: "There's a lot of stuff in marijuana that's not good for you..It's like people taking meth. People feel a lot better after ingesting methamphetamine."

Popular pot blog Toke of the Town characterized Nargalenes' remarks as "one of the most ridiculous statements ever made about medical pot."

This video also illustrates the absurdity of his argument nicely: