Harry Truman Endorses Ed Martin -- No Not That Ed Martin


When Harry Met Ed ... on the Internetz.
  • When Harry Met Ed ... on the Internetz.
Ed Martin, the Republican candidate who seeks to dethrone incumbent Russ Carnahan in Missouri's Third Congressional District recently posted an interesting letter of support on his campaign website.

It's an endorsement (of sorts) from Harry Truman (posted on the deceased president's birthday, May 8) that states: "You tell Ed Martin that I sincerely hope that everything will go well for him."

Really? Truman -- "The Buck Stops Here" Democrat -- would support today's Ed Martin, champion of the local Tea Party movement?

Well, maybe.

Martin tells Daily RFT that his father purchased the letter on that appears on Martins' website from a Texas vendor for about $300 and that the note was written in 1960 in support of Edward Martin a U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania who happened to be a Republican.

But what would Truman think about today's Ed Martin? Especially considering that Truman was an early supporter of universal health care, while Martin has taken every opportunity to criticize "Obamacare"?

Martin tells Daily RFT that he's not sure how Truman would feel about his stance on health care, but he says: "I feel certain that he would be appalled by the out-of-control spending that our government is undertaking."