Arizona, Traffic Surveillance Capital of America, To End Speed Cameras; Will Missouri Follow?


Here's an interesting story out of Arizona, home of the two biggest photo-enforcement firms operating in the United States in Redflex and American Traffic Solutions. (ATS is the company that operates red-light camera tickets in St. Louis and most other municipalities in Missouri.)

Last week Arizona announced that it would end its controversial speed-camera program. The "Grand Canyon State" first approved the use of the cameras in 2008, and today operates 76 Redflex cameras that photograph speeders and then send them a ticket in the mail.

Similar speed cameras first arrived to Missouri earlier this year with the north county municipality of St. Ann using the devices to nab speeders near a middle school. Later this year, another north county 'burb, Charlack, began using the devices on Interstate 170.

In Missouri the speed cameras are operated by a small Sunset Hills-based firm called B&W Sensors.

This past February state representative Michael Corcoran (D - St. Ann) filed a bill to limit the use of speed cameras in Missouri. That bill, HB1947, has moved to committee but doesn't look like it's heading to a floor vote any time soon.