Christopher Holland Jr.: Alleged Robber Shot Dead in Hazelwood


Police have identified the man shot to death during last night's failed robbery in a Hazelwood subdivision. Hazelwood police chief Carl Wolf tells Daily RFT that the deceased is Christopher Dominick Holland Jr. of Pamplin Place in north St. Louis.

According to Wolf, Holland attempted to rob by gunpoint a man in his 50s while the intended victim was taking a walk through the neighborhood around Dunn and Cortena . Wolf says the shooting appears "justified" at this time, though county prosecutors will ultimately decide whether to press charges. The man did have a concealed-carry permit. Holland was shot twice, once in the side and once in the back.

The intended robbery victim -- whose name police are withholding pending any charges -- told police he carries the weapon to fend off canines.

"He's had some injuries that make it unable for him to run away from dogs," says Wolf. "Apparently, in this case the would be robber picked the worn person."