Mayor Francis Slay Wins Census Bet With KC Mayor Funkhouser



Loyal readers may recall that last month Daily RFT reported that Mayor Slay had bet Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser that his citizens would be more diligent about mailing in their census forms. The stakes: a case of the losing city's best local beer and finest barbecue.

Now the results are in, Slay proudly Tweeted late last week:

But one very pressing question remains:

Will the mayor share his bounty with his loyal citizens who took precious entire minutes from their busy schedules to fill out their census forms? After all, it takes a village -- or, rather, a city -- to win a census bet.

Daily RFT posed this urgent question to Kara Bowlin, the mayor's press secretary. So far, she has not replied. It seems unfathomable. How could anything be more important than this?

Curiously, Funkhouser did not tweet the results of the bet, possible out of shame? Somewhat related: How cute is it that his Twitter handle is @MayorFunk?