Ass Clown(s) of the Week: Everyone Who Doesn't Play BigBalls Kickball


Roll on, brother. You're a winner.
  • Roll on, brother. You're a winner.
The matter is settled.

The members of the BigBalls Kickball League are correct. The residents of the Tower Grove Park neighborhood (and anyone who dared to snicker at the news that an adult kickball league was booted from a city park for inappropriate conduct) are wrong.

Readers of Daily RFT settled the matter in Friday's Ass Clown of the Week competition. Fifty-eight percent of readers thought the BigBallers were in the right, compared to just 42 percent who thought they weren't.

Hopefully this will end the nasty name callin' and finger pointin' and let the healing begin. Now, in the words of Rodney King: "Can't we all just get along?"