Mayor Slay Defends Stripper Mobile; Vehicle Turns Heads in St. Louis, Baltimore


Behold: A "Stripper Mobile"
  • Behold: A "Stripper Mobile"
Man, am I kicking myself right now.

Late last Friday I got an invite to tool around downtown in the St. Louis Hustler Club's "Stripper Mobile" -- a converted U-Haul truck outfitted with plexiglass walls and (you guessed it!) strippers.

Sadly, though, I had to pass on the invite as I already had plans.

Little did I know then that I'd be passing up on the chance to be part of the biggest local news story of late afternoon April 22/early morning April 23.

A stripper mobile in action in Las Vegas.
  • A stripper mobile in action in Las Vegas.
If you haven't heard yet, Mayor Francis Slay came to the defense of the stripper mobile in his blog yesterday after a visitor to St. Louis complained about how she and her six-year-old child saw the vehicle after a Cardinals game.

Wrote the woman: "It is so hard to raise our children to become Christians and have good morals in this society. It is even harder to do so with strippers shoved in front of your face in broad daylight."

Responded Slay: "Unless the truck is parked or creating a dangerous distraction to drivers -- it is legal in St. Louis. It is also probably legal wherever she comes from, unless the local ordinance banning it hasn't yet been challenged on First Amendment grounds."

Oh, and the same truck also caused a stir in Baltimore, Maryland, this week when it showed up outside Camden Yards following an Orioles game.