Woman Kidnapped from Kansas City, Saved at Metro East McDonald's


A likely suspect.
  • A likely suspect.
I'm guessing it was the Hamburglar and perhaps Grimus, too. Though police have yet to name the two male suspects arrested for kidnapping a woman from Kansas City on Tuesday and driving her to a McDonald's in Fairview Heights, Illinois.

As the Belleville News-Democrat reports this morning, the woman -- a non-English speaker in her 20s -- was in her apartment in KC on Tuesday talking to her sister on the phone when two men busted through the door.

Her sister heard her sibling gasp before the line went dead. Neighbors then saw two men whisk the woman out of her apartment in a headlock and toss her into a brown minivan.

Hours later the woman again called her sister -- this time from the locked bathroom at the McDonald's telling her sister she'd been kidnapped. A manager at the restaurant, at Illinois Street and Lincoln Trail later unlocked the restroom and called police.

The alleged kidnappers were arrested in the parking lot.