An Anthem For Failure: "The 'Official' St. Louis Rams 2010 NFL Draft Day Song"


It's easy to forget how awful the Rams have been at drafting players in the first round. Fortunately, we have this little ditty from the boys at Joe Sports Fan as a nice reminder of every failed pick from Lawrence Phillips to Alex Barron that lets us laugh a little bit at the ineptitude.

One can only hope that the extremely catchy chorus -- "It's something unpredictable, you screwed up most the time, fix your quarterback and defensive line" -- is streamed on repeat in the Rams' war room for the next few days.

The 2010 Rams Draft Day Song from on Vimeo
Bonus points for using Green Day's "Good Riddance" and concluding that "Devaney's job is the one on the line this time."