Free Parking Downtown For Opening Day


Houston's Metrolink is for oranges only. - IMAGE VIA
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  • Houston's Metrolink is for oranges only.
There are two reasons Busch Stadium ought to be temporarily renamed Meter Maid Park in honor of the Cardinals home opener against Houston this afternoon.

For starters, the Astros are winless at their home stadium, Minute Maid Park. Then again their abysmal 0-6 record means they're winless everywhere.

More importantly, St. Louis police are giving downtown drivers a free pass on feeding the meter. The city will waive parking tickets "at most downtown meters before, during and after the game."

Metrolink -- which offers multiple park and ride locations -- also makes frequent trips to the stadium. All riders will be required to produce a copy of their ballot from last Tuesday's election and anyone who voted against Prop A will not be allowed to board the trains.

(Kidding about that last part. The meters are seriously free though.)