Who is Ass Clown of the Week? April 2-9?


It's that time of the week again. Time for you to elect the most ignominious local newsmaker of the past seven days.

And the candidates:

1. Donna Myers: The employee of the St. Louis county morgue accused of stealing body bags that she'd then resell to local funeral homes.

2. Franchesta Brown: The alleged MetroLink mugger whose attempt to rob a passenger in East St. Louis was thwarted by a cup of coffee

3. Christopher Hill: The Joplin skateboarder accused of attacking a motorist who honked at Hill and his skater punk friend to get off the street.

4. Robert Moehle and Ben Orr: Two members of Saint Louis University's student council who were forced to resign over racism allegations when Facebook photos emerged of the two white undergraduates holding a noose and sign saying, "Only for use on white people!"

5. Craig Benoist: The girls' softball coach busted by his wife for having an affair with one of his 15-year-old players.

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