Illinois Company Plans to Send Asian Carp Back to Where They Came From: China


Carp. It's what's for dinner -- in China.
  • Carp. It's what's for dinner -- in China.
Here's a solution for that invasive specie of fish clogging the Illinois River and threatening to make its way into the Great Lakes.

An Illinois company called Big River Fish plans to ship 30 million pounds of Asian carp to China, where the greasy, bony fish is considered something of a delicacy.

As the Chicago NBC affiliate reported yesterday, a Chinese delegation has already flown to Illinois to sample the carp harvested from the river. They've declared the fish the best they've ever eaten, and much healthier than the carp pulled from polluted rivers in China.

Big River Fish says it plans to make about $20 million this year from shipments to China. And with the Illinois River said to contain at least 100 million pounds of Asian carp, it would seem there's lots of money to be made. That ain't no fish tale. No siree.