Ass Clowns of the Week: Pervert Priest James Grady and Emmitt "Hoggy" Gordon


A priest who allegedly solicited sex with a 16-year-old and pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography? Or...

A gang-banger who fired a bullet that traveled three blocks and struck a two-year-old boy in the face as the child sat on his grandfather's lap?

Hmm...tough call.

So tough a call that James Grady -- disgraced priest of St. Raphael's Parish -- and Emmitt "Hoggy" Gordon Jr. each earned the exact same number of votes (23 percent) in Friday's Ass Clown of the Week competition.

Coming in third with 22 percent of the vote was Missouri's U.S. Senate hopeful (and former KKK leader) Glenn Miller. See all the results here.