Larry King Shuts Up Dana Loesch


King points thumb, wonders "How did she get on my program?"
  • King points thumb, wonders "How did she get on my program?"
St. Louis Tea Party darling Dana Loesch got cut down last night by CNN host Larry King.

Asked by King to explain the goal of the Tea Party, Loesch began rattling off the predictable drivel of lower taxes, smaller government and the "intent of the founding fathers" when King cut her off.

King: "Last I checked Obama won the election. He ran on a campaign platform and won. That goes back to the founding fathers, too."

Later King asked Loesch if she was at all concerned about Tea Party members using the term "terrorism" when describing the president.

Loesch: I think perhaps that is an adjective that is a little egregious.

King: A little?

Loesch: (Laughs). They do have some valid concerns. We just saw this health care legislation go through, and as I mentioned this before, it completely disregarded the original intent of the commerce clause and welfare clause and the Constitution. I mean, for the first time ever in American history you have to purchase a product -- you have to purchase insurance.

King: No. Wait a minute. You have to purchase Social Security. That is a 'socialist' concept. Would you do away with Social Security?

Loesch: Yes, I would.

Video below. Loesch enters at about the one minute mark.