Dana Loesch and Bill O'Reilly Butt Heads on O'Reilly Factor


Back in January when Riverfront Times profiled the local Tea Party co-founder and 97.1-FM personality Dana Loesch, the conservative media publisher Andrew Breitbart told this newspaper that if Loesch was doing her thang out of New York, she'd be showing up on Fox News' Hannity and O'Reilly Factor "every night."

Well since our "Patriot Dame" story ran, Loesch's radio show has moved into more of a prime-time slot in the afternoon (Mon - Fri: 2 - 4 p.m.), bumping Sean Hannity's syndicated radio show, in fact. And, she has indeed popped up on Bill O'Reilly's television talk show a handful of times... the latest being Monday night, when she was tapped to weigh in on the evidence of any racial epithets hurled Sunday at the African-American Missouri Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver, among others. After the jump, you can see Loesch and O'Reilly go toe to toe on the issue.
From Monday night's O'Reilly Factor: