Tea Party Goes Crazier: Burn Russ Carnahan in Effigy, Spit on Mo. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver


St. Louis Tea Party lights it up for Carnahan.
  • St. Louis Tea Party lights it up for Carnahan.
This weekend's health care vote in the U.S. House brought out the radical, right-wing fringe (again).

At a St. Louis Tea Party rally outside of Russ Carnahan's St. Louis office on Saturday, an angry mob threw shoes at a photo of the congressman before lighting the image on fire.

Meanwhile in Washington D.C., Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (D - Kansas City) was spit on Saturday in Capitol Hill by an angry protester. Cleaver was also one of several African-American congressmen who were subjected to racial epithets from the throngs of thousands protesting the health-care bill.

View video of the Tea Party protest outside Carnahan's office after the jump.