Robert Heckel, St. Louis Homicide No. 23; Son-in-Law James Hart Then Kills Himself


A south St. Louis man killed his father-in-law and then turned the gun on himself, according to police.

Authorities say 51-year-old James Jacob Hart got into an argument with his wife Saturday night at the home they share with her father, Robert T. Heckel in the 5200 block of Nagel.

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  • The 5200 block of Nagel
The wife left the home following the dispute while her husband and 71-year-old father stayed behind. When family couldn't reach either men by phone, they went to the home to discover both men dead.

Per the St. Louis police: It is believed that suspect Hart shot Heckel in the head, and then shot himself. The victim was found in a chair. The suspect was found in bed with the gun.