Who is Ass Clown of the Week? March 12-19?


That time of the week again. Time for you to elect this week's ass clown.

And the nominees...

1. Tom Dempsey: The Missouri state rep (R - St. Peters) enraged many this week when he proposed a measure that would require doctors to ask women for a list of reasons as to why they want an abortion.

2. Unknown Teenager who Punched RFT Staffer in the Face: I feel obliged to nominate the teenager who punched my colleague Keegan Hamilton in the face (for no reason) in the Delmar Loop this week.

3. Carnell Reed: Arrested this week and charged with raping two women in separate incidents in north county this winter.

4. Joseph M. Bentley: The Hannibal man accused of stomping to death a seven-pound dog this week.

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