Denver Westword Writer Waxes Poetic Over Dream Gig: Pot Reviewer


Last fall Westword, our sister paper in Denver, garnered national attention by advertising for the nation's very first marijuana critic. Yep -- they would be paying a writer to toke up and write about it. Oh, and also critique the atmosphere of various medical marijuana dispensaries around Colorado.

Now, three months into this grand experiment, one of the two reviewers, the pseudonymous William Breathes (the other is the equally pseudonymous The Wildflowerseed), has written an essay about what he has learned exploring the wondrous world of buds.

His experiences have been far more pleasant than the Daily RFT's test-run of K2 artificial pot last month.

Writes he:
If you'd told me six months ago that I'd have a job with Westword that basically required me to smoke pot and then give readers my take on toking, I would have asked you for a hit of whatever it was you were puffing on.
His method is simple. He visits dispensaries in the afternoon, before the post-work rush, and hangs out for a while absorbing the ambiance and chatting up the dispensers.

I like to get a feel for the place and talk with the bud-tenders about what they recommend when they hear about my particular preferences and problems....I knew what I was looking for in terms of bud quality when I started this, as I've been spoiled with amazing organic, soil-grown herb for some time. But I'm not a snob. I've seen some incredible hydroponic herb, and I'm always open to anything grown well.
That's exactly what we say here about tomatoes and basil.