Can't Believe St. Louis Coptalk Forum Ignoring the Return of Dunkin' Donuts


Now here's a cop who appreciates a good donut.
  • Now here's a cop who appreciates a good donut.
With all the news recently about Dunkin' Donuts return to St. Louis (example A, B, C), I thought I'd check in with some folks said to truly appreciate a good donut -- the boys in blue who read and submit items to St. Louis Coptalk.

Shockingly, I'm here to report that I could find not a single thread on the online forum about Dunkin' Donuts arrival in St. Louis. WTF?

Has local law enforcement somehow missed all the media coverage?

Or is it really just a stereotype that cops love donuts?

P.S. I did find an interesting photo on Coptalk (attached below) illustrating, in no uncertain terms, how St. Louis' finest really feel about local control of the police department.