FBI On Charlie Dooley: Nothing to See Here, Move Along


Charlie Dooley: Not Jeff Smith. - IMAGE VIA
Number one sign your city/state/region has a problem with political corruption: It's news when the FBI issues an official statement saying a public official is not under investigation.

So it is with St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley. Last month, KMOX reported that the feds had launched "a probe that goes all the way up the elevator" at the St. Louis County Administration Building.

On Friday, the station received a call from Roland Corvington, the area's top G-Man, who didn't mince words when it came to his office and Dooley. "We are not currently investigating Charlie Dooley. Period. I have nothing further to add," he said.

KMOX stands by its reporting:
KMOX News has never reported that Dooley himself was a target of the probe.

Corvington was asked by KMOX: "We have been reporting that the fundraising activities for the county executive's race and how it might relate to the awarding of county contracts is the focus of an investigation. Is that wrong?"

Corvington responded:"I have no comment about that other than I have told you." Corvington then concluded the phone call.
The station maintains that the FBI is looking into the way St. Louis County awards government contracts and "whether campaign money raised for the county executive's race has influenced which vendors are selected." The facts were reportedly obtained through "multiple sources with first-hand knowledge of the investigation."