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Courtney Chesley, a.k.a. Courtney Watson, is the author of She's one of the online writers featured in our "Blogger's Baker's Dozen," this week's story on our favorite local voices in the blogosphere.

From her "about me" page on her blog: "Born and raised in Bellevegas, IL as the oldest of three and loudest of all. Moved way over to the "other side" of the Mississippi to good 'ol St. Louis, where I have been digging in my heels for a couple of years in a four family flat on the south side of town."

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Watson shares her three favorite blog posts below.
St. Louis by way of "Bellevegas," blogger Courtney Chesley. - PHOTO: EMILY GOOD
  • Photo: Emily Good
  • St. Louis by way of "Bellevegas," blogger Courtney Chesley.
Blow-Up Dolls and Face Melt:
A recap of my panic-attack inducing encounter with Chuck Palahniuk. I completely geeked out, as expected.

My Music is Better Than Yours:
A discussion about the music snob within each of us. I am reminded of this every time John Mayer comes on the radio (*shudder*).

Meet Miss Joe Dirte':
What can I say? My three-year-old niece cut her own hair into a perfect replication of Joe Dirt's mullet.