Patrice Johnson: Stripper Accused of Child Endangerment Found Hiding in Closet


Patrice Johnson - BND.COM
Daily RFT left messages with the Caseyville Police Department yesterday and today for more information on the strange case of exotic dancer Patrice Johnson.

We're still awaiting a return call, in the meantime the Belleville News-Democrat has some details about Johnson, who Caseyville police arrested yesterday after finding her hiding in a closet at the Soft Touch strip joint in Washington Park yesterday.

According to the paper, police first began investigating Johnson two weeks ago when hotel employees at the city's Days Inn found Johnson's three-year-old daughter wandering the hallways.

Police heard noise in the room but when they entered with the help of hotel staff found the room unoccupied, save for evidence of cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

An hour or so later Johnson and a woman described as the "child's aunt" returned to the hotel from their jobs at Soft Touch and claimed the daughter. Let's hope the "aunt" was Johnson's sister -- and not her sister in law. Even then, the story gets really strange.

Johnson reportedly told the police that she and the "aunt" planned to engage in a sexual threesome with the father of her child, and that they had rented two room because the dad is a heroin user who keeps a gun and they didn't want the child near a gun.

Err, okay. As we said, there's still a lot of questions surrounding this case, including why it took so long to apprehend Johnson and how exactly she's related to the "aunt."

Johnson is accused of felony unlawful possession of a controlled substance and endangering the life or health of a child.

More on this bizarre tale when we hear back from the Caseyville po-po.