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Is this, or is this not, the face of a gifted comedian? - IMAGE SOURCE
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  • Is this, or is this not, the face of a gifted comedian?
Former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich delivered a lecture on ethics in politics at his alma mater, Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, last night. The purpose of his talk, said Jordan Fein, president of the Northwestern College Democrats, in his introduction was "to make sure tomorrow's leaders respect the rule of law."

Sadly, Blago's appearance was not intended to be a comedy routine. This only became apparent, though, when the former governor seemed surprised that the capacity audience of 1,000 students and faculty started laughing when he said that, as Elvis proclaimed at Madison Square Garden in 1972, he was "innocent of all charges."

Blagojevich intended his Northwestern appearance to be an opportunity to defend himself against the corruption charges that led to his impeachment last year.

"Many of you must think it's kind of ironic that I would agree and accept an opportunity to come here and talk to you about ethics in government," he said, as quoted in the student paper, the Daily Northwestern. "For all the courage and testicular virility you think you have, if I did the things they said I did, and I did wrong things like they want you to believe I did, I would be nowhere near this event."

Yeah, he said "testicular virility." And he didn't intend this to be a comedy routine?

Since leaving office, Blagojevich has performed Elvis karaoke at a block party and attended a performance of StagedFrightMedia's original musical, Waziriside Story: Till They Framed Rod Blagojevich. Later this month, he will be appearing on Celebrity Apprentice, following in the footsteps of his wife Patti, who was in I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! last summer.

All this buffoonery was not intentional, Blago told his Northwestern audience. It's merely a way of earning a living. Since the impeachment, both he and Patti have been unemployed and have bills and private-school tuition to pay. "Necessity compelled my wife to go to the Costa Rican jungle and eat tarantulas," he insisted.

That wasn't meant to be funny, either.

After Blago's fifteen-minute talk, three Northwestern professors grilled him on the subject of political ethics. Things got heated when law professor Tonja Jacobi challenged the former governor on his interpretation of the events that led to his impeachment.

Reports Chicago Breaking News:

The Chicago Democrat also admitted he intended to barter for President Barack Obama's vacant Senate seat, but insisted he didn't propose any of the trades outlined in his indictment.

Instead, he said that he wanted to cut a "routine" political deal in which Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan assumed the post in exchange for Michael Madigan's support on expanded health care and a public works plan.

When that deal fell through, he said, he decided to tap Roland Burris for the seat. Blagojevich accused other U.S. senators - including Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois - of acting like Southern segregationists when they tried to stop the appointment.

"Shame!" someone in the audience yelled out.

"You don't like Burris?" Blagojevich asked.

"No - you," the man yelled back.

And the audience laughed.

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