Speaking of Dana Loesch, She's All Over Fox News This Week


Our feature this week, "Patriot Dame," seems to be striking a chord with all y'all, judging by the increasing number of feisty comments.

Dana Loesch, the subject of the piece, a professional talker for 97.1, mom blogger and co-founder of the St. Louis Tea Party (which celebrates its first birthday on Saturday), keeps up her tear on national TV this week with a couple appearances on Greta Van Susteren's show on Fox News. Loesch was on last night and will be on again tonight, talking about health care. (She doesn't appear till minute six in this clip.)   

For a more vivid picture of Loesch, Daily RFT offers up a couple different videos of Loesch, speaking in a "momversation" and on cable television. After the jump...

Loesch is a regular contributor to "Momversation." Here's one of their more popular clips, "Do You Keep a Gun In Your Home?", from last June. 

Do You Keep a Gun in Your Home?

And speaking of guns, remember the guy who brought a gun into a health-care town hall last summer? Loesch weighed in on that incident on CNN: