Police Arrest Cross-Dressing Robber, But Is It the Same She-Man Who Struck Last Week?


James T. Duke - ST. LOUIS POLICE
  • St. Louis Police
  • James T. Duke
St. Louis police last week arrested James T. Duke in connection with two robberies last month in which the suspect allegedly dressed in women's clothing and armed himself with a long-barreled gun.

The robberies occurred January 3 and 4 when the 28-year-old Duke allegedly robbed a south city Family Dollar and downtown Phillips 66. The thief made off with just $316 from both robberies.

But is Duke the same bearded cross-dresser who last week robbed a Jenning's clothing store and the Hollywood Hustler in Berkeley?

His description certainly matches that of the person who robbed the north county stores. Still, the St. Louis police make no mention of those robberies in their arrest summary for Duke, who was nabbed at his home in the 2900 block of Henrietta.

I've got a couple call outs to various police departments to see whether these capers are connected. Back at you when I know more.

Update Feb. 25: Finally got a hold of Berkeley police. Yes, Duke is the same person they believe robbed stores in Jennings and Berkeley.