Totally Bizarre Encounter between KMOV and Lawyer Trying to Thwart Paul McKee's Plan


This week's feature, "North Side Rancor," tells the tale of four attorneys and four plaintiffs who are trying to undermine the city's cooperation with developer Paul McKee in order to block his  $8.1 billion plan for the north side.

Things got interesting as soon as lawyer D.B. Amon filed this lawsuit back in October. Check out this wacky interview with him and KMOV News 4 reporter Chris Nagus:

When Amon finally agreed to sit down with Nagus a couple days later, he:

  • Denied being an ambulance chaser, and said he'd collect only $1 in attorneys fees;
  • Blamed the black middle class and politicians for abandoning the north side;
  • Said Paul McKee's particular vision was not a genuine "opportunity" for north side residents.
Here's that clip:

Amon has declined to give any comment to the RFT.