St. Louis Rally and March From Philly to D.C. to Honor Fallen Activist, Melanie Shouse


A group of Pennsylvanians plan to march to Washington D.C. over the next week in honor of Melanie Shouse, a St. Louis activist who lost her battle to breast cancer last month.

Shouse, a longtime advocate for health care reform, was mentioned in a speech President Barack Obama delivered to Democrats earlier this month when he urged them not to give up on their effort reign in the insurance industry. 

"How can I say to her, 'You know what?  We're giving up'?" said Obama. "How can I say to her family, 'This is too hard'?  How can Democrats on the Hill say, 'This is politically too risky'?"

The 100-plus mile march begins tomorrow. Follow the marchers' progress and learn more about their goals at

P.S. Almost forgot. Tomorrow there is also a rally in St. Louis in memory of Shouse. The event takes place downtown in front of the St. Louis office of Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield (the insurance company that denied her coverage for medical treatment for her breast cancer). The rally takes place from 4 to 6 p.m. at 18th and Chestnut streets. More info here.