Wienermobile Job Opportunity Attracts Mizzou Students (Mostly Journo Majors)


Yay I got a job! Not as a reporter. - HTTP://WWW.FLICKR.COM/PHOTOS/TOASTY/ / CC BY 2.0
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  • Yay I got a job! Not as a reporter.
Now this is delicious: about 25 curious Mizzou students assembled on Tuesday to learn more about a yearlong gig tooling around in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

Punchline: they were "mostly journalism majors," says the article in The Columbia Daily Tribune. Ha! See it's funny because our industry is dying and we'll all be put out on the street! Man, I love jokes.

The Oscar Mayer marketing fellow that's quoted in the story says that online applications have shot up from 1,000 to 1,500.

Then there was this:
Senior Brian Mallioux, a biology major [says,] "It's a good opportunity to interact with different people, just getting yourself out there."
True, Brian, it is a good opportunity. Though it could be a crutch. If piloting the Wienermobile becomes necessary for your social interactions, just think how awkward, for example, funeral processions will be, or trying to win that drag race to impress the hottest girl in school.

All we're saying is, proceed carefully, Brian.