Hoosier Watching Could Get a Lot Less Interesting at Saint Louis Zoo


Saint Louis Zoo patron or wild animal?
  • Saint Louis Zoo patron or wild animal?
The next endangered species at the Saint Louis Zoo could be the notorious redneck known as the "zoosier" (zoo+hoosier).

Why's that? 'Cause the zoo and the city's other free tourist attractions -- the Saint Louis Art Museum, Missouri History Museum and St. Louis Science Center -- could begin charging admission under an amenmdent that received initial approval from the Missouri Senate today.

And as zoologists and parking valets have long known, zoosiers "don't pay fer shit."

Under state law, the four institutions cannot charge general admission because of the tax support they receive from St. Louis and St. Louis County.

The amendment sponsored by Joan Bray (D - St. Louis) would allow the four entities to charge admission to those people who don't live in the city or county.

So what's that mean? Fewer zoosiers to gawk at. And aren't the zoosiers way more entertaining than the animals in cages?