Ten Awesomely Geeky Valentine's Day Presents for the Dork of Your Desire


Geeks need love too.

And while some of us nerds might point out that Valentine's Day is a fake holiday invented to further indoctrinate people into the consumer culture, they simply won't say no to these Valentine's gifts.

So please, check out the list and get your geeks something they will enjoy this year. If you do, you could be wanted on more star systems than Cornelius Evazan.

Carry Your iPhone In Style
No self-respecting geek would leave home without their smart phone. But more and more normal people walk around with the same phones. How do you let your geekiness stand out? Get this retro handmade Pac Mac phone pouch.

Link to Pac Man pouch
Price: $14

I Love You So Much, I Would...
How do you tell your special someone that you heart her more than Princess Leia (and even Slave Leia)? This card oughta do. What could be more romantic than giving up your beloved high-speed internet?

This card is selling for $4 on etsy.com. And while there are more like it, the general idea is that the average Hallmark is simply not quirky enough.

Link to geeky card
Price: $4
Wine Just Became A Lot More Romantic
You're supposed to be all romantic for Valentine's day. And wine is always classy and romantic. But classy and romantic is so not geeky. Why not add R2D2 into the mix?

There is a whole line of these Stars Wars wine stoppers over at etsy.com. They're going for $15.

Link to R2D2 Wine Stopper
Price: $15

A Heart of Silicon
Geeky girls are hot. Err, hot girls who are geeky are hot. And the great thing about geeky girls is they appreciate gifts from the heart.

Instead of buying her love with diamonds, show her how much you really love her with silicon. And, no, we're not talking about fake boobs "silicone" with an e. This computer chip necklace containing the precious metal silicon is a perfect gift. And it should leave you some coin for a gift for yourself, like a new PS3 game or two.

Link to Silicon Heart
Price: $15.99

Ladies: RTFM
Is your girl always bitching and complaining about your obsession with comic books, Anime and video games? You could try to explain, but there's new stuff to check out on Digg. Instead, maybe this little book could serve as a subtle hint to let her know she's not doing it right.

Geeks beware: If this book is as good as it promises to be, she soon might know how to make you exercise. Ugh!

Link for "A Girl's Guide to Dating a Geek"
Price: $13.99

Let Your Inner Dilbert Out
Office geeks, here is a way for you to stand out from those loser ex-jocks in the sales department. Ties may be required where you work, but nobody ever said you can't put a little personality in there. This 8-Bit tie will go over great with anybody who remembers blowing on Nintendo cartridges every half an hour to get the game to work again.

These are also available in red, so you can spice it up sometimes. And to make it even better, it's a clip on tie. Speaking of which, did Superman wear clip on ties? Even for a man with superhuman powers, ties can be tricky. Especially when you're changing in a phone booth.

Link to 8-bit Tie
Price: $14.99

For The Paranoid Geek
Geeks know this better than anybody, there is whole world out there that we can't see or touch. Signals and radio waves are bouncing all around us.

Some geeks are more paranoid than others. If your geek keeps telling you about RFID chips, identity thieves, the NSA and weird conspiracy theories, he might be a good candidate for the RFID Blocking Wallet.

Now, no government agency in the world will be able to infringe on his privacy. Well, as long as he keeps it in his wallet.

Link to RFID Proof Wallet
Price: $19.99

Say "I Love You" With A Mixtape
Geeks are sometimes torn. They love retro stuff, but they would never travel back to the past without their iPod. Here is a way to do both, and give somebody a cool Valentine's day present.

The Mixtape Memory Stick is a 128MB USB thumb drive that looks like an old-school tape. That is just enough storage space to fit a collection of songs for that special somebody.

Link to Mixtape Memory Stick
Price: $15.99

It's Not An iPad, But...
A true geek can never have enough monitor space. So if you notice your geek constantly minimizing windows while he (or she) is checking Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Engadget and shopping for collectible Star Trek stuff, it might be time for a little upgrade.

The Mimo iMo Touch Monitor is 7" USB powered touch-screen monitor with 800X480 resolution. Also works great with laptops and netbooks.

Link for Mimo Mini USB Monitor
Price: $199.99

Geek Detection System
Having one geek in the relationship is fine, but with two everything is a lot easier. Show your geek that you too can look like a fool without caring with these T-shirts.

When you wear this shirt, two and a half hearts are lit up. But as soon as you get close to your significant other (who should also be wearing one of these if he knows what's good him) the rest of the hearts light up. How geeky is that?

Link to 8-Bit Dynamic Life shirt
Price: $17.99 - $24.99


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