Rants and Raves May Put Jerry Andres Back in the Slammer


Jerry Andres may be in trouble again. - PHOTO BY JENNIFER SILVERBERG
  • photo by Jennifer Silverberg
  • Jerry Andres may be in trouble again.
A neighborhood dispute in St. Charles County that culminated with a "terrorist threat" to repeat the Kirkwood City Council rampage at Dardenne Prairie City Hall is the the subject of a news story in this week's dead tree edition.

The issue has only been on newsstands for a few hours, but already there's been a new development.

Tom Fisher, the retired army vet who's fed up with his neighbor Jerry Andres' garage work, called this morning to report that he recently filed harassment charges against Andres in St. Charles County.

The charges stem from Andres' posts on the "rants and raves" forum of Craigslist. Fisher alleges that Andres' profane posts -- some of which mention Fisher by name -- constitute harassment.

He says he filed the charges late last month and St. Charles County prosecutor Jack Banas has taken them under advisement.

More details and screen caps of the Craigslist craziness after the jump.

Joyce Wagner, a clerk at the prosecutor's office, says no warrants have been issued against Andres. She said she could not provide any information about a pending case.

Fisher, meanwhile, says he visited the prosecutor's office on Monday and provided copies of the rants.

"[Andres] made a terrible mistake putting that stuff on there," Fisher says. "I would have been more than happy to let this drop back in October, but then he started putting this stuff up. He always has to find a way to get even. I look for him to have more legal problems down the line."

If Andres is arrested, it would likely be a violation of his probation conditions for the incident at city hall.

Fisher stated that any future posts that mention him by name will be a violation of his protection order he obtained against Andres.

Here are a couple examples of the posts. Read the rest by clicking here.

Obviously, Andres' main target is Dardenne Prairie mayor Pam Fogarty. When interviewing her for the news story, we asked if the Craigslist posts concerned her, especially since Dardenne Prairie has already has a reputation for online turmoil. (It was the home of Megan Meier, the young suicide victim who was the victim of a MySpace hoax and whose case spawned the term "cyber bullying.")

"I don't agree with people acting that way on the Internet," Fogarty said. "I never have. I think it does just push people over the edge. I'm a public official and people get to take potshots at me. I don't think they should, but they do. If I could file Internet harassment charges against this guy I'd do it in a heartbeat"

As for Andres, he said of his Craigslist venting: "Whenever I get mad I go on there. Maybe I shouldn't but I do."