Here's One Way to Crack Down on MetroLink Scofflaws: Punch Their Teeth Out


Man looks like he got hit by a train, light rail, the police.
  • Man looks like he got hit by a train, light rail, the police.
A lawsuit filed last month in St. Clair County Court alleges that East St. Louis police pulled a man off MetroLink for not paying his fare and then proceeded to punch his teeth out.

Donald E. Curry, the plaintiff in the suit, claims the incident occurred in January 2006. East St. Louis cop Antonio McWherter handcuffed Curry and took him from the train to police headquarters. Once there, McWherter allegedly placed Curry in a jail cell not monitored by surveillance cameras and proceeded to beat the plaintiff.

As reported in The Madison/St. Clair Record the suit states:
"Defendant McWherter savagely beat Plaintiff while in custody and unable to defend himself. The beating resulted in severe head injuries and teeth being knocked out by the blows."
Curry was later transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. A police report claims that Curry sustained the injuries while struggling during his arrest.

In addition to officer McWherter, the suit also names as defendants officers Ricky Perry and Deangelo Franklin as well as former police chief J.W. Cowan.

Curry is seeking compensatory, punitive and exemplary damages.