Laws Banning Texting and Cell Phones Don't Necessarily Lead to Fewer Accidents


Cell phones dangerous? Whatever!
  • Cell phones dangerous? Whatever!
The Post-Dispatch yesterday fronted a cover story about FocusDriven, a group that wants every state to outlaw cell phones while driving -- à la the way Mothers Against Drunk Driving pressured states to crack down on intoxicated drivers in the 1980s.

In making its case, the article highlighted a few horrific accidents allegedly caused from drivers distracted by their cell phones. Some how, though, the article failed to mention perhaps the biggest transportation-related story of last week.

According to a report released by the Highway Loss Data Institute, cell phone bans have no impact on reducing accidents.

The study compared states and jurisdictions where cell phones and texting has been banned for a year with nearby regions with no such bans. Insurance claims for crash damages in the areas with bans was almost identical to jurisdictions without such bans.

Read the entire report, here.

Last August Missouri legislators passed a law prohibiting anyone under 21 from texting while driving.