Belleville Police Department Provides Free Advertising Services for Local Druglords


Good news, Belleville residents! 

Thanks to a new practice employed by your police department, local dope procurement just got a whole lot easier.

Laura Girresch has the scoop in this morning's Belleville News Democrat

According to her story, Belleville cops have two spiffy "Warning!" signs to erect outside apartments or houses where they've made a drug bust. 

The first sign went up Wednesday at 322 West H Street

Since there're just two signs in circulation, they're only supposed to stay up for a day or two, during daylight hours. 

The BND also reports that police will send snail-mail notices to owners and neighbors of the drug houses. 

Belleville residents reportedly have mixed reactions to the tactics. Wonder how long before the drug dealers revolt, and a lawsuit gets filed.