Rick Majerus Lets His Billiken Roar on the Wrong Radio Station


The Post-Dispatch's sports media critic Dan Ceasar devoted his latest column to the issue, writing:
The issue culminated Monday when he appeared on a Chicago radio station WGN at the same time his local show on WXOS, where the Billikens' games air, was scheduled to run. That led 101.1 FM to switch to syndicated programming. And in an even more bizarre move, KTRS (550 AM) aired WGN's feed, thus putting Majerus on a station that competes with St. Louis U.'s broadcast partner.
SLU and 101.1 are business partners in their relationship, leading to little negative public comment from station management. But the station figuratively has thrown up its hands -- program director Jason Barrett said the plug has been pulled on the show that "we'll revisit next year.'' Other sources say WXOS officials are steaming. After all, the show is supposed to be a promotional platform to help boost awareness of the SLU program, not a big ratings grabber.

SLU athletics director Chris May called the situation "unfortunate.'
May didn't specify whether the kerfuffle is unfortunate because it takes away from the fact that Majerus is finally doing what the University hired him to do -- win basketball games -- or that it's unfortunate because it's not nearly as entertaining as Internet rumors that the coach has a peculiar use for gym towels.