The Controversy of Tim Tebow's Super Bowl Ad is Old News in St. Louis


  • Amen.

We love them, even when they're not talking about sports at all. We'll still watch and listen -- and generally, politely pay attention.

This brings up the much written-about Super Bowl commercial featuring Tim Tebow.

In light of Tebow's controversial yet-to-be-aired February 7 Super Bowl ad, which reportedly expresses his pro-life, anti-abortion stance, St. Louisans can think back to another such high-profile ad that ran during the 2006 baseball playoffs and World Series.

You might remember former St. Louis Cardinal Jeff Suppan and former Ram (then Arizona Cardinal) Kurt Warner in it.

A CBS news report described the issue as such:
An added twist to the opponents' response is that St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jeff Suppan appears in the ad and will be the starter Wednesday against the Detroit Tigers.

Suppan, a devout Catholic, says in the ad: "Amendment 2 claims it bans human cloning, but in the 2,000 words you don't read, it makes cloning a constitutional right. Don't be deceived."

The proposed amendment to the state constitution would protect embryonic stem cell research in Missouri. A referendum on Amendment 2 will be decided during congressional elections on Nov. 7. Referendums are often included in general elections as a practical matter.

This is the on-air response to Michael J. Fox's plea for stem cell research. Fox, as many know, suffers from Parkinson's and is a proponent of stem-cell research, which could help find a cure for the disease. Opponents of it say it is a waste of human life.

Who better to listen to about hot topics than pro athletes?

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