Hot Bartender vs. Douche on the Landing: Two Locals Plead to Judge Judy


Landing Barmaid vs. Douchebag: Whaddya think, Judge Judy?
  • Landing Barmaid vs. Douchebag: Whaddya think, Judge Judy?
Sometimes Daily RFT is bloggin' so feverishly, we miss super-important events -- such as two St. Louis citizens airing petty grievances before Judge Judy!

This must've aired many moons ago, because the YouTube posting date is in February 2009, but in any case, here's the sitch:

Michelle Downer, a fetching young barmaid on the Landing, accuses "former friend" Jason Gallauhue of the following:

  • accepting a ride home from the Landing after a little drinky-drinky
  • putting "the moves" on her en route to his place
  • yanking her keys out of the ignition once they arrive and dashing into his house
When she follows him in, things grow even more civilized: he spits in her face, she slaps him, she slams his basement door and breaks the window, he "gently" tosses a rock at her car, breaking her windshield.

Judge Judy, of course, cuts right through the spin spun from each side and issues a curt little verdict....check it out after the jump!