Geeks Gone Giddy: Tomorrow's Apple Announcement Has Internet Abuzz


Moses unveils Tablet v. 1.0
  • Moses unveils Tablet v. 1.0
Don't know if you've noticed yet, but today is like Christmas Eve in Geekdom as techies the world over eagerly anticipate Apple's media announcement scheduled for 11 a.m. (CMT) tomorrow.

At least one site is already gearing up to live blog tomorrow's press conference. Another offers a downloadable scorecard you can use to see if your predictions were correct concerning Apple's new product. And, of course, there's also lots of Twitter talk, especially at #appletablet.

If, as is anticipated, Apple announces its new tablet computer, the gizmo could change the way we surf the web, communicate and waste our precious time. It could also save journalism by getting people to pay for news again.

Yes, there's a lot the Apple tablet can do. But will it be as revolutionary as those tablets that told us what we can't do? Guess that depends on whom you ask.