That Traffic Jam on Saturday? Blame Mr. Potato Head.


Were you stuck in traffic on eastbound I-70 on Saturday afternoon? Tell your boss/date/parole officer it wasn't your fault that you were late.

According to KMOX, the gridlock was caused by an accident at Lucas and Hunt Road involving a shipment of Idaho's finest:
Troopers say 44-year-old Andre Robinson of St. Louis lost control of his pick-up as it entered the highway from a ramp.

Robinson's pick-up spun into the path of an oncoming tractor-trailer truck loaded with potatoes.

Troopers say the big rig hit the pick-up, then veered into the support beams of an overpass.
Robinson and the truck's driver, 58-year-old Thomas Sidenstricker of Purcell, Missouri both were transported to hospitals for treatment of moderate injuries.
No traffic violations were issued in the accident. Perhaps Robinson bribed the officers with a special batch of roadside hashbrowns.