Bulldog on Ice...Slick Stuff Going Down in St. Charles Tomorrow Night


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Anthony "British Bulldog" Barlow: Snowboarder, would you say? Curler? Bobsledder?

Nope. Ice-racer. A 36-year-old champion of the sport, to be exact, and a St. Peters resident, by way of his native UK. 

Based on the videos Daily RFT has spent way too much time perusing, ice racing looks like juiced-up motocross: fast, furious, and effing dangerous.

Recounting how he got into the game, Barlow recently told St. Louis Magazine: "A friend back in England is in a wheelchair from an accident in 1985. He was a top racer. It's a little bit like The Karate Kid story, where I helped him and he helped me. He needed a project, and he showed me how to build and race motorcycles."

Barlow brings his touring show -- Xtreme International Ice Racing -- home tomorrow night to the St. Charles Family Arena. (Get more details about the show in our write-up here.) Any wipe-outs like the ones depicted below, and the evening should be stupid fun.