Ass Clown of the Week: Scoundrel Who Robbed Home of Murdered ABB Victim


Daily RFT readers voting in Friday's "Ass Clown of the Week" election showed Mark McGwire about as much love as those adoring fans at the Cardinals' Winter Warm-Up yesterday.

Which is to say, they seem ready to excuse the former home-run king and he admitted last week to using steroids throughout most of his career. McGwire tied for second in last week's Ass Clown poll -- earning just 18 percent of the vote.

Readers did not show nearly as much forgiveness for an unknown thief who capitalized on tragedy last week when he robbed the home of a man murdered in the ABB shooting.

That low-life earned 33 percent of the total votes earning him the Ass Clown title. Congrats, scumbag.

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