Steve Phillips, Baseball Broadcater Fired Over St. Louis Tryst, Still Makes Call in MLB 2K10


Steve Phillips in the broadcast booth.
  • Steve Phillips in the broadcast booth.
Steve Philips, the ESPN baseball broadcaster who was let go after it was revealed he slept with an ESPN employee during their stay in St. Louis for the All-Star game, is still making the calls -- in a video game format anyway.

Early previews for MLB 2K10 report that the voices of Phillips and former Philadelphia Philly John Kruk are in the game.

Video game blog Kotaku smartly points out that it was probably too late to nix Phillips' voice from the game by October, when the story of his extramarital affair hit the papers and blogs.

2K10 hits stores on March 2 with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays' Evan Longoria as this year's cover-player. Photo after the jump.