Westboro Baptist Church Calls Off Protest of Tonight's Lady Gaga Show in St. Louis


Fred Phelps
  • Fred Phelps
As reported here at Daily RFT a couple weeks back, the Rev. Fred Phelps and the followers of his Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church planned to protest tonight's Lady Gaga concert at the Fox Theatre.

Why? Because the "hussy" (a.k.a. Gaga) "teaches rebellion against God".

Sadly, though, for Phelps and crew -- and the counter-protesters who planned to rally against the notoriously homo-phobic reverend -- tonight's demonstration has been canceled on account of the snow.

Today the Westboro Baptist Church sent the RFT an email suggesting that the snow is a message from the all mighty:
God is knocking the crap out of this country and all the while he is continuing to give us great and effectual doors of utterance because the time is so very, very short - the destruction of this nation is IMMINENT!! YAY!!
Umm, as Daily RFT spiritual adviser Ned Flanders would say: "Okee-dokee."

Oh, btw, the sold-out Lady Gaga show remains on schedule for tonight despite the weather. Yes, Fred, she may be a hussy but she's no wussy. That would be you.