The Almost-Canceled Tour of Missouri Reportedly Generated $38.1 Million This Year


  • / CC BY-SA 2.0
Looks like the 2009 Tour of Missouri -- the world-class cycling race that almost got shut down last summer -- ended up generating several million more dollars in spectator spending than previous editions.

Daily RFT could not find an official copy of the economic impact report on the race's website, but Fired Up Missouri has posted a link here.

Race-goers reportedly forked over $38.1 million this year, up from $29.8 in 2008 and $26.2 million the year before. Even cycling superman Lance Armstrong himself called our governor in September to encourage him to keep the race going.

The event got politicized in July when Governor Jay Nixon proposed yanking the state's $1.5. million commitment to the race as part of a budget-cutting measure. The event is also a pet project of Republican Lt. Governor, Peter Kinder.
Nixon eventually relented and released the funds after getting promises of more detailed and transparent spending reports from race organizers.

This is all fine and good, though the Daily RFT would like to renew its gripe over the fact that the pretty girls on the podium weren't all from Missouri...