Former State Senator Jeff Smith Tells His Side of the Story


Jeff Smith
  • Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith sat down yesterday with hosts D.J. Wilson and Fred Hessel of the KDHX news program Collateral Damage.

Smith recalled in the interview his reaction when he first learned that his former campaign assistant, State Rep. Steve Brown had tape-recorded their conversations: "Kind of like a sucker punch."

Smith was sentenced to 12 months and a day in prison last month after pleading guilty to lying to federal investigators looking into campaign violations during Smith's 2004 race for Congress.

Brown was sentenced to two years probation for his involvement in the cover up. He was also disbarred from being an attorney and resigned from the state legislature.

Smith says he's working on a book about lessons learned during his brief time in politics.

Smith also revealed in the interview that he'll be headed to prison in Kentucky -- seven hours from St. Louis -- and not where the federal judge (and Smith) wanted to go in nearby Marion, Illinois.

You can listen to the entire half-hour interview with Smith here. (Note: The interview follows a short, one-minute band review.)