"Despite the Liberal Media and Far Left's Agenda," State Rep Wishes You Merry Xmas


Rep. Marilyn Ruestman of Joplin - HOUSE.MO.GOV
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According to a recent piece in Slate, the Christmas front of the culture wars has seen a cease-fire this year. But in Missouri, a couple of distant shots have crackled in the wintry night.

The latest was this holiday address from Republican Rep. Marilyn Ruestman of Joplin to her constituents:

Christmas is a wonderful time of year! Regardless of what is going on around us, this season always has a magical feel to it. Every time I think of our Savior being born on a peaceful night in a manger it excites me.

I'm so glad that despite the liberal media and the far left's agenda, this season continues to remind us of Christ. I feel so blessed to live in a nation where I still have the freedom of speech that allows me to say "Merry Christmas!" and the freedom of religion to celebrate its true meaning.

What would be a loving Christmas card without a swipe at one's political opponents?

Then last week, we had Rep. Mike Cunningham's pre-filed bill to formally recognize Dec. 25 as Christmas. To be fair, Cunningham's bill also recognizes many secular holidays and holidays of other faiths, though critics contend it's a superficial gesture -- for example, it mentions Hanukkah, but not the far more important Rosh Hashanah, and it makes no mention whatsoever of Eid ul-Fitr, the Muslim feast right after Ramadan).

Between Cunningham, Ruestman and now the Advent Conspiracy campaign, Daily RFT says there might be a cease-fire, but we're staying inside anyway to bake Christmas Hanukkah Festivus cookies.