South Butt's Jimmy Winkelmann Calls North Face Lawsuit "Best Christmas Present Ever."


"I don't know, a coupla wavy lines..."
  • "I don't know, a coupla wavy lines..."
Sure, Jimmy Winkelmann's hair might look real agitated (like that guy at the beginning of Ghostbusters who keeps getting shocked by Bill Murray).

But in spirit, the 18-year-old Mizzou student, creator of the North-Face-parody company South Butt, is as calm as a Hindu cow over the federal lawsuit aiming to shut down his operations

In fact, he recently told KSDK News Channel Five that he didn't even understand why he was getting sued by the outdoor apparel giant North Face because:
  • The North Face logo has three bars, while South Butt has only two.
  • The two logos employ different fonts.
  • The only word in common is the word, "The."
He also says that the lawsuit, which caused a sales explosion for his small company, was "the best Christmas present ever."

Check out the interview below.